Friday, April 22, 2011

Cue Abuse

Wow, just wow.

Player, mentor, friend, and cue mechanic Ron Worley (to whom I've previously credited the name of this blog) passed along  a photo to me that's just hard to believe... so you're going to have to see it for yourself:

Behold the wonder tip!

I couldn't even imagine playing with this thing - surely just about anything other than a center-ball hit led to miscues? Hmmm... maybe it's a top secret training device for enforcing center-ball hits!!??

Anyway, I'm sure I'm stating the obvious when I say "don't do this!" Your equipment is a partner in many respects - it fearlessly goes into battle with you night after night... but if you let it down, it'll let you down. I can't imagine anyone being competitive with this stick in the condition shown. Not only is the tip obviously worn well beyond the point of needing replacement, but overzealous shaping (and chalking) damaged the ferrule on the tip as well as the side - leading to much more costly and time-consuming repairs.

Changing the subject now that I'm a little sick to my stomach, this week was the first week of playoffs for the local APA league. All three of my teams made the playoffs with the Monday night 9-ball team ending up in second place in the season's point race, while my Wednesday and Thursday night teams ended up in first place in their respective divisions. Unfortunately, we didn't fare so well this week. We lost Monday and Wednesday to tough teams. On Thursday, however, our opponents didn't even show up!!?? How weird is that? Since we were in first, we were supposed to play the wild card team. They didn't show, didn't call, nothing so we'll be playing for first place next week against the winner of the other playoff match... and playing for third place on Monday and Wednesday night.

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  1. you know, the tip itself is not a bad concept, but man . . . the execution sucks. i guess you can give them points for trying new things, but that's about it.