Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to the Zone!

I've been shooting fairly well over the last month or so; really can't complain... but I also can't think of a time recently when I truly felt like I was "in the zone" or "in dead stroke" until Monday night. Things definitely felt different. Shots were dropping with little if any aiming or thought. Straight shots, cut shots, it didn't really matter. Sure, I missed a few here and there, but I'm talking about the ones that sunk and how easily they sunk! Shots that I normally take a little time to line up, etc. It all... just... worked. Banks didn't go so well, but I'll attirbute that to some crappy rails, and I quickly adjusted to that by avoiding banks if possible. I'm usually pretty good at banks, so it seemed a little odd that they weren't working when everything else was. Interestingly, my kick shots seemed to be on even though banks weren't. I successfully got myself out of a few hooks with good kicks - even a couple two-rail kicks!

So now I'm evaluating things a bit and wondering if my practice sessions are starting to settle into my muscle memory a bit more or if this is just a passing phase? Or perhaps I've stumbled across some sort of different level of consciousness that will be the key to the next level of success for me? I remember having such a watershed moment back in high school while playing football. Time will tell, I guess. Whatever it is, it definitely feels different and the results rock. It still seemed to be with me tonight during practice - we'll see how it goes tomorrow night for 8-ball.

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